Ashley Sienna – Out Of My Head

Ashley Sienna

The 17 years old Canada-bred singer-songwriter Ashley Sienna has announced the release of her brand new debut EP titled Out Of My Head. The blazing collection of her six songs is a truly wonderful record with sophisticated pop and electronica elements, set to empower people to live their best lives. Her strong passion for music and inspiration derived from talented singers such as Taylor Swift has led Ashley to share her overflowing creativity through her upbeat songs on YouTube since the age of 12.

Now, just five years later this talented artist is announcing the release of her debut EP Out Of My Head,  the most carefree, playful, and mature work to date. Showcasing a striking maturity for her young age through jaw-droppingly good and fun lyrical content, Ashley has positioned herself comfortably in a genre that she’s all too familiar with.

Check out Ashley Sienna’s new EP Out Of My Head by hitting the play button below:

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