Angie Hudson – Just Two

Angie Hudson

Byron Bay artist Angie Hudson today releases her new single ‘Just Two’.

The star of the track is undoubtedly Hudson’s pure & tender vocal, closely followed by a beautiful piano that creates a sound that will pull at your heartstrings. Add some percussion that never threatens to overpower the song and you have a lush & dreamy number that is tinged with a little melancholy, but not enough to make the song feel gloomy.

It’s a song to close your eyes to and just let the elegance of Hudson’s vocal wash over you. She has a classic old school feel to her voice.

Talking about the song Hudson had the following to say:

Just Two is a song about falling in love, and feeling a kind of protectiveness about the world that opens up when that happens. You know as corny as it sounds it can be kind of magical and other worldly… as I was writing, the song felt like a special place I could go to process what was going on, it’s kind of been a way to remember the sweetness of life, especially as the world is feeling crazy right now”.

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