Soccer Mommy – Color Theory

Soccer Mommy’s new album Color Theory is a fun, carefree soundtrack to the topics of depression, inevitable death, and periods. Through a relaxed arrangement of lo-fi pop, Sophie Allison has made her own trials and tribulations relatable.

The 22-year-old Swiss-born Tennessean has said she’s still going through her “goth phase” with 90’s pop-punk idol Avril Lavigne influences definitely present throughout the album. Allison has brought forth a number a unique low-fi techniques that work beautifully to bring the listener forward to form a deeper connection. With samples taken from old floppy disks and the base of all tracks being live recorded straight to cassette, Color Theory is dripping with nostalgia.

Track 6, ‘yellow is the color of her eyes’ centres the new album perfectly. Fuzzy keyboard samples draw you into gut-wrenchingly heartfelt lyrics that are all married together with a quick tempo. It perfectly highlights Allisons mastery of arrangement, present on all 10 tracks. At seven and a half minutes long I could have cried at least three times during a song about a loved one dying, but all of these elements curated a beautiful, almost hopeful listen instead.

Color Theory is out now.

Nikki de Ruijter