Mclusky Coming To Mama Roux’s

Sunday April 3rd 2022 – 7pm to 11pm

Mclusky © Keira-Anee Photography

We are excited to announce a very rare Birmingham show for legends mclusky at Mama Roux’s on 3rd April 2022, celebrating the 20th Anniversary of their classic album mclusky Do Dallas.

mclusky were a band between 1999 and 2005, in which time they made a few friends and three albums. Slow-forward 16 years and, thanks to the uncanny pull of nostalgia and gravity, they have made more friends but no more albums. Originally persuaded to reform – like ham – to help save a local music venue and for other vaguely charitable reasons, mclusky is the band but with Damien Sayell of The St. Pierre Snake Invasion playing bass and singing and is loads better (technical term) than it used to be, nostalgia be twatted directly in the eye.

There is one quiet song, at the start, then the rest is just soup.

Presented by CLUB.THE.MAMMOTH & Sonic Gun Concerts.

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