Live Review – FEET @ Mama Roux’s



Mama Roux’s

Review by Ethan Pennington-Treanor

Hi Indie Midlands! This week I had the pleasure of attending FEET’s sold out headline gig at Mama Roux’s and here are my thoughts.

First things first, Mama’s is one of my favourite venues in the whole UK so I was extremely excited to see it at full capacity after such a tough 18 months. The room was packed out as FEET prepared to hit the stage and the crowd’s energy was brewing. The band themselves are an interesting blend of different elements in the indie and alternative genre. Their style and look fits the aesthetic of a 90s Britpop or indie rock act, reminding me somewhat of Blur, Pulp and early Oasis. Their frontman even began passing out flowers at one point, drawing a striking resemblance to Morrisey in his prime.

As for musical style, the band brings crushing vocals, drawing style from both Damon Albarn and even some modern IDLES and Shame influence it seems. The instrumentals bring elements of groove, funk and heavy melody, giving both resemblance to a Smiths-era Marr style, but also some more modern indie song writing.

The crowd at the gig were ecstatic, refusing to stop moshing for a single song, pits got bigger and bigger as the show went on, with the occasional stage diver. The band’s engagement with audience members meant there was never a slow moment. I would normally be impartial to a moshpit that size but after a long day, I quite enjoyed watching the chaos unfold from the back of the room.

I would advise any fans of high energy indie gigs to check out FEET next time they’re in the Midlands. It’s great to see grassroots bands with so much to offer on the way up in the industry.