Leon C Coming To Dead Wax

Friday February 19th – 6pm to 10pm

Leon C

In three short years, Leon C has shifted motivation a number of times. From a boy requiring a confidence boost, to an artist recording in the spaces that hold and once held legends, Leon has become an able writer, writing fast, and recording fast.

Growing up in Southampton, England, Leon pursued music from the early age of 7, learning to play classic guitar, and writing original songs reminiscent of the 60s folk revival. Leon was exposed to all kinds of musical genres, including finding a passion for eclectic music, which formed the framework of his first band.

No longer engrossed only by pop music and folk revival, Leon dipped his toes into more contemporary movements, from discovering the depth of folk rock in the US and live Jazz, to indulging in the likes of traditional Celtic Folk and making even further strides into other genres. The year of 2018 began with the debut release of album “Please”, with singles signalling the direction of his next album. 2019 became a year of consolidation ending with a new single and a change in look, Leon had to grow at extraordinary pace. With a new work life balance and a re-scoping of life, he found music to be something to be taken on with a relaxed, calm and rational approach. 2020 was yet again a year of new direction, experimenting with different ways to showcase his music. Leon remained busy during lockdown, writing, recording and releasing new music in the most trying of circumstances, with a further set of songs to complete an album due for release in just over a year. Leon also featured in a series of virtual concerts including the likes of All in The Mind Festival and his own live streams.

Leon has made a name for himself as an artist who carves his own music, his own way, writing for no one but the music itself. With an appearance on BBC Introducing, shows at O2 Academy Birmingham and self-booked tours across the UK, Leon’s new sense of open mindedness and love for the exploration and research of music has shown endless possibilities for his future.

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